Island Events

If you’re so inclined, there are numerous events and activities that are sponsored by the Island People’s Project, Fishers Island Club, Fishers Island Yacht Club and Hay Harbor Club, and include crafts for kids, swimming, sailing, tennis, and golf lessons.

To see what’s happening this month, click the link below to check out the Fishers Island community website.

Fishers Island News

Island Resources

There is a small but full-service supermarket on the island, also a cafe/convenience store with extended hours.

Gas and Auto Care
Two gas and service stations, one with gas dock for boats. Both are open Mon – Sat.

Island Health Project – full time island doctor who accepts most medical insurance (copay required). Emergency medical is via ambulance and ambulance boat to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London or airlift (for extreme cases).

The island requires everyone to bring trash to the transfer station. Be sure to separate out paper products, bottles and cans, and cardboard and follow instructions. Open most days.

Law Enforcement, Emergencies
April – October there are two New York State Troopers. Most emergency services are coordinated through the all-volunteer fire department, including ambulance services. Call 911 for any emergencies.

In the late spring, summer and early fall, enjoy a bite to eat at the Pequot or the West End Café, and top-rate homemade ice cream and other treats at Topper’s ice cream parlor.

Island Concert series, movie theater, school performances, Museum & Library talks, Hay Harbor weekly dance, community events at the American Legion.

The island has three churches: Our Lady of Grace (Roman Catholic), Union Chapel (U.C.C), and St. John’s Church (Protestant Episcopal)

Telephone coverage
The island is fully equipped with telephone coverage, but most rental homes do not include telephone access.

Cell phone coverage
Most of the island has good cellular coverage by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Your coverage may vary.

Internet Access
Most island homes have the latest DSL technology connections or microwave links to the mainland for even faster connection speeds.

Water and Utilities
Most homes are served by the island’s public water supply and electric grid (powered by a cable to the mainland), and have septic systems.