West End Rentals

Sleeps BR Area Description Weekly
Oceanhill 6 3 West End Expansive views of the coast, a contemporary West End home. Booked Summer 2021!
Cameron House 13 6 West End Beautiful 6 bedroom West End cottage. $6,5000/wk
Leeway 7 4 West End Waterfront, Private Beach Booked Summer 2021!
Hill Cottage Hill Cottage 9 5 West End tucked into North Hill $3,000/week
Roberts Folly Robert’s Folly 8 4 West End large back yard
fenced koi pond
Booked Summer 2021!
Braun House Braun House 6 3 West End waterfront,
stunning harbor views
Booked Summer 2021!
Hay Harbor Cottage Ridgway House 13 7 West End large house,
sunset & water views
Hydrangea Hall Just Right 8 4 West End updated house
in the village
Carroll House The Laughing Place 10 7 West End large house
in the Village
Fort House Fort House 10 4 West End Officer's Row house
with water view
Booked Summer 2021!
Montauk Big House Harbor View House 18 10 West End large cottage,
sunset & water views
Rugg Estate Harbour Watch 13 5 West End large house,
stunning views
Booked Summer 2021!