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Southold, NY has just passed a new rental permit law going into effect! Click Here to Read The Full Rental Permit Law!

Prospective Renters: Please feel free to call us to assist in finding you a rental for this upcoming summer

Home Owners: Please contact us to find out how we can help you navigate and complete the new requirements for this law!

Please call us for assistance with your rental booking at (860) 331-1510. Click Here to Read The Full Rental Permit Law 

Renting on Fishers Island

We are as excited to introduce new people to Fishers Island as we are to welcome back old friends. We find great joy to hear how within hours of arriving, the stresses of mainland life drain away.

Please visit our Island Resources page for a quick reference to many of the services and amenities that are available on Fishers Island.

Most rental houses include an additional utility and cleaning charge.

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